I Don't Even Bother     1     2     3
i.e. feeling sorry for myself

December 2nd     2:13 am

Maybe i don’t want to go to college or be a Christian. Maybe i don’t want
to be so damn good. Maybe i don’t want anything

December 2nd     2:12 am

I do what im supposed to, what’s expected, what i have to do. Because. Just
because. And its bullshit

December 2nd     2:04 am

I used to try so hard and be so good. But it got me nowhere but in a pile
of unhappy confused guilt. So i quit trying. I quit caring.

December 2nd     2:03 am

I just need a place where i can be. Where i don’t have to be stressed or anygr
or on edge. But i don’t. I don’t like being at home.

December 2nd     2:02 am

I have to see them everyday. I don’t know what happened. Or how. I just don’t.
In that moment I wished to be anyone or anything else.

December 2nd     2:00 am

This accident has taken even more of the morale of happiness/well being that
i have. I have to heat about it every day.

December 2nd     1:55 am

I just want to be. To be good enough. To be better than. To be left alone.

December 2nd     1:55 am

I feel guilty 90% of the time. For the most normal, common place things

December 2nd     1:54 am

And im not allowed to do things. There is a strict box of restrictions on
top of me and most of them are ridiculous.

December 2nd     1:53 am

And no matter what; im not good enough

December 2nd     1:53 am

I want to start things, but there are so many unreliabilities, so many obstacles
that I know they won’t happen. Nothing happens so I give up

November 25th     10:37 am

Facing people. I don’t want to.. I just don’t want to

November 25th     10:31 am

I don’t know if I want to do traveling. I don’t know if I even want to play
next year. I love playing but how much?

September 12th     7:35 pm

You’re such a selfish bitch sometimes.

August 18th     12:25 pm

I can’t walk. I can’t play. I can’t tucking stop crying.